Batman: The Animated Series - My favorite vision of the Dark Knight. Batman squares off against his full gallery of villains in one of the best animated shows I've seen.

Big O - Batman meets a giant robot...sort of. Following a great cataclysm no one can remember, Paradigm City finds itself in need of a giant robot and a good Negotiator.

Escaflowne - Liked the movie, but I have yet to finish the series. A girl is whisked away from her ordinary life to an enchanted world in turmoil.

Gundam - Japan's Star Wars. The Gundam universe spans several series and several different timelines. All feature mechs, love, war, and plenty of angst.

Robotech - The first anime series for many Americans, although it was a combination of several different Japanese shows. Humanity must defend itself against alien foes or face extinction.

Transformers - This was my favorite show growing up. Giant transforming robots arrive on earth and bring their neverending conflict between good and evil with them.

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