At some point, I'll write up a nice little bio. If I work up the guts, maybe I'll even post a photo. I am also considering placing some of my creative works, writings and such, here. Here is how the name "Hobbitjedi" came to be:

Why the Hobbitjedi you ask? Why not? First, lightsaber toting hobbits are funny. We finally got a glimpse of what this might look like in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. Second, the hobbit heroes in Tolkien's novels became the defenders of their age from the forces of evil, even if it was somewhat by accident. The Jedi Knights of Star Wars weren't all that different. Besides, some of Yoda's relatives could have been hobbits. OK, not very good arguments, but there you have it.

Actually, the name came about when I was creating my e-mail address during the college semester I spent in Europe. Technically, the Hobbitjedi was born in Verviers, Belgium! I wanted it to be hobbit something, but all of the terms that immediately come to mind were taken. I came up with the Hobbitjedi after puzzling over my dilemma for a few moments and, well, here I am.