Real Life - A real life group of friends encounter less-than-ordinary situations.

     Gundam Official - Bandai's official site for Gundam in the US.
     Gundam.Com - A great Gundam fansite, currently in the process of a redesign.
     Gundam Project Remnants - All that is left of one of the greatest Gundam sites.

     Live365 - Internet radio stations by people like you and me.

     Ragnarok Online - A fun Korean MMORPG trying to make a splash in the US.

Star Trek
     Star Trek.Com - Paramount's official site.

Star Wars
     Star Wars.Com - Lucasfilm's official site.
     Star Wars Galaxies - The MMORPG set in the Star Wars universe, which I play.
     Galactic Shogun Warriors - Site of the guild I'm a part of in Star Wars Galaxies.
     Park Sabers - Really, really cool saber replicas.

     Tolkien Enterprises - The official distributors of the Tolkien license.
     Lord of the Rings.Net - New Line's site for Peter Jackson's amazing film trilogy.
     Badali Jewelry - Maker's of the One Ring replica I purchased, pre-movie trilogy.

     Online Portfolio/Resume - My work as an aspiring copywriter.

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